About Us

Dakini massage room was founded 1-IV-2006 in Wrocław in the heart of the city on the street Biskupia. The following year, in October 2007 in Poznan, and two years later in August in Warsaw. Since that time we have gained experience in the fields of tantric massage therapy and body work. We thought massage techniques, which definitely help improve the condition of the mind, the body and sexuality. All cabinets are decorated in the style of Indian culture, and maintained climate definitely affects the full relaxation, meditation, and spend a nice time. Our team participates in regular training and is conducted in accordance with the ethics of "Gender - Work & Organization," it means that the techniques and style of massage and the rules are particularly respected.

Furthermore we conduct regular courses for individual and groups and coaching in the areas of intimate and sexual life of our customers. We also offer gift cards for individuals, couples as well as for companies. We constantly improve their knowledge in Poland and abroad, this means that our services are constantly changing to the benefit of our customers.